Sharetix Stories

At Sharetix, we believe that joyful and fun experiences not only create lasting memories, but truly make a difference. Share your Sharetix story here and help us share the joy.

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Here are some selected Sharetix stories from the past year:

Toni, age 70, attended Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic (November)

"I may be deaf, but believe me… my heart heard it all. I will remember the beauty and grace and how the dancers were all in perfect timing. This was from the heart and will be deeply treasured. You are angels and God bless you all."

Darrel, age 69, attended Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic (November)

“Thank you all so much. Felt kinda like a kid for awhile.”

Anonymous age 62, attended A Kurt Bestor Christmas (December)

“When Kurt Bestor paused for a moment before the concert’s intermission and offered his prayer for the children, I wept. I savored each word he prayed and sang and marveled that I was there to hear him sing his prayer.”

Deanna attended Disney on Ice – Toy Story (March)

“I am a single parent and also work full-time. My son has Down Syndrome and Autism. We have spent years on waiting lists for different programs. He does not receive any outside benefits. So it was great to finally receive some respite for our family to go out and have a little fun. Thank you!”

Shirley, age 40, attended Aida (August)

“What will I remember most? The great play performance, but also that someone generously donated the tickets so I could experience it all. Thank you.”